Re-Elect Debbie Bookman for Chester County Prothonotary 

"Since taking office in January, 2020 I experienced a combination of excitement and nervousness. I hoped that the staff would be receptive to me as this is a change for them. I can’t imagine what it is like working in these offices where the department head is an elected officer. Every four years staff holds their breath to see if there will be a change and if there is a change what that would be. I looked forward to entering a world that was completely new to me as far as the nature of the office but managing and working with people was something that came natural to me.

One  of my first task was to digitize 7 years worth of civil filings. This project allows the office to begin its transition to a paperless office.

I did a complete department reorganization within the office. Placing staff in roles based on their strengths and true interest in the office. This proved to be a smart decision across the office as there were many tasks that were falling through the cracks prior to making these much-needed changes. As a result, staff have been crossed-trained in all services we provide. We have also increased the diversity in our office from 4% to 18%".


Proven Leadership For A Brighter Future

The office of the Prothonotary handles civil court cases that are filed in the Court of Common Plea and utilized by attorneys and the general public. Services handled by this office include divorces, name changes, civil and family court records, passport processing, judgements and liens. This office also processes Protection from Abuse Orders and the swearing in of all the new citizens in Chester County and other officers of the court. I pride myself on providing excellent community and customer services. I believe that when you are serving others it is often necessary to go the extra mile whenever possible. Customer service ultimately is the core of the Prothonotary’ s Office.


General Election

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